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What We Do

We provide food to thousands of employee’s everyday. With the largest kitchen in Delhi NCR, we are known for our food and our unbeatable services. Our chefs are extremely dedicated and passionate about good food and are constantly working towards the unique food requirements of each company.

Our Commitment

Feastly Catering’s kitchen team pride themselves on designing bespoke and innovative menus with a focus on delivering excellent experience for your guests.

Indian Authorities

We proudly cater to IRCTC rail services by providing quality and a wider range of cuisine while travelling. As our service model is to offer the quality, variety and value, we guarantee tasty food making your journey a bit more fun.


Our nutritionally balanced meals are designed to ensure we provide fresh food from good quality ingredients prepared from scratch by fully trained professionals on the school premises. We help schools make food an enjoyable and healthy part in the life of students.

Business and Industry

We help our corporate and industrial clients in delivering productive and engaging work by providing nutritious, well balanced food with an entire gamut of offerings from providing breakfasts, lunches and dinners to midnight snacks at various locations.


We provide bespoke and specialized menus to our manufacturing units. Our professional chefs provide variety to these menus with top-of-the-line cuisine options. We create seasonal food tailored exactly to meet the diverse tastes and needs of manufacturing unit clients.

Renewable Energy

We are the leading specialist providers of catering and hospitality services in the renewable energy sector. We aim to make food a pleasure that is a key to wellbeing, productivity and a boost to performance. We have an increasing presence in the growing renewable energy sector.
We closely monitor the needs of our clients and support them with the best available services. Our services are cost effective and our meal plans are innovative.


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