Corporate Catering in Delhi NCR

Corporate Catering in Delhi NCR is a specific kind of catering targeting towards corporate sector’s events and meals. The broad categorization of same can be –

    • Regular meal plans for office employees
    • Snacks and drinks option at meetings
    • Hi-tea service
    • Official get-together
    • Pre and post-meeting meal plans
    • Official party for expanding business

Corporate Catering in Delhi NCR in Essence

The people attending these events are generally related to the business, like employees, associates, and shareholders etc. Thus, the tone is generally formal at these affairs. We understand that the main reason behind these events is to deal with official matters and also bolster up business relation. Hence, keeping this in mind all the office catering duties of Feastly is in tandem with a specific theme and purpose. 

Corporate catering
Corporate catering

Feastly Corporate Catering in Delhi NCR

Feastly as one of the top corporate catering company mainly caters to industrial sectors in and around Delhi NCR. We completely look after your official events like prominent meetings and corporate meals along with outside events dealing with official business. Moreover, our resident head chef ensures that all the meals are in sync with your employees’ needs. Thus, the end result is always fun and delicious meals in favor with all.  

Corporate Catering Events by Feastly in Delhi NCR

Corporate Catering as the whole consist of numerous events. However, it is important to note that meal planning for all is not the same. Some of the award-winning and praiseworthy events that Feastly deals in are-

For Company Picnics and Corporate Retreats

One of the perfect ways of boosting the morale of your employees, our company picnic meal plans are instant hits with family and children of your employees.

Don’t worry about healthy meals on your rustic official retreats as we have got you covered. You concentrate on office bonding and leadership skills while we focus on supplying scrumptious meals as a part of our corporate catering in Delhi NCR promise. Furthermore, after a healthy dose of office building activities, an even heavier meal is heaven. 

For Team Building Activities

As you work on strengthening the inner relationship of your office colleagues, we ensure you get the best kind of meals to boost up your stamina for all types of activities.

For Official Anniversaries

We cater special kind of meal for your official birthday. As you add one more year to your business we add zest to your night through special party meal. Thus, we both prosper and celebrate together.

For Promotional Activities

From product launches to branding and promotion events, we have a specific kind of meal to promote your business to the next level. Our team will surely put together a launch party that will stay in your memory forever. We are proud to be one of the top corporate catering in Noida and thus, ensure that when you plan your investment worthy lunches with us your business takes off to new heights.

For Conferences

From conventions and meetings to seminars and employee networking, we plan all your official conferences with a healthy meal plan to keep the energy going throughout the meetings. This, in turn, leads to better attention in the meetings.

Feastly is known as one of the best corporate catering in Noida. It compiles meal plans as per the instructions and requirements that you give. The entire corporate catering menu gets their inspiration from our head chef. He ensures that your employees start their daily intake of food in a healthy manner as possible. Whether you are looking to arrange office catering for a small office meeting or big promotional seminar, we have your back covered with on-time delicious food platter and drinks. 

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