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Help Us Feed

As COVID-19 grows and the lockdowns increases, there are many families that are getting affected on a daily basis. Many of them fighting for the basic necessities such as of clean water and food. We have opened our door to provide food for the poor to support as many families as we can. We look forward for your support, to join us to increase the numbers and to sustain a constant supply of meals. We currently have a few NGOs supporting to distribute meals to the most vulnerable.

  • right-markWe have the capacity to cook over 30,000 meals per day.
  • right-markAll support would be used to procure raw materials, cook and distribute meals to the families on a daily basis.
  • right-markEach cooked meal costs around Rs. 30.

If you are an NGO or an Organisation who wants to help in feeding please contact us at 9818125230 .

For CSR partnerships please contact us at g.giri@feastly.co.in