A wedding is not just a one-day event. With multiple events to look after, your chosen wedding caterers in Noida should be able to handle multiple venues in one go. Although considering the immensity of each and every part of an Indian wedding, it is hard to put more than one event on the same day. However, there are times when you might be doing it due to the shortage of time or any other reason.

Planning multiple events in one day is not only hectic for you but is also a huge task for the caterers.

  • Even the most experienced and professional to the core companies have issues in planning two events in one day.
  • The scene of wedding catering in Noida is on the rise, however, managing multiple events is a big task for most of the caterers.
  • Irrespective of the role and duty in the business managing the high number of tasks is difficult. Each one is as important as the previous one.
  • Many issues can arise regarding staffing and setting up of a meal at a different venue with the same meticulousness.
  • Many caterers also offer venues which can be another distraction. They might have to take care of events happening there as well.

In order to ensure the quality of services is maintained in all events top wedding caterers in Noida have specific practices. These tips help them to maintain logistics of all events.

Wedding Caterers in Noida

Wedding Caterers in Noida

Top Wedding Caterers in Noida Appoint One Contact Person

The first step that many take is to appoint only one contact person for the whole event. This person concentrates only on that one event. This individual is the contact point representing the wedding caterers in Noida and responding to all your queries. This step helps immensely in tackling all the requirements of the client. The point of contact for all parties involved will only be responsible for one client and their event. The client will account for this person as a member of staff.

  • If the company you have hired does not provide you with this point of contact manager, then you need to ask for one.
  • It should be non-negotiable as this person will completely focus on the wedding and not any other event.
  • Moreover, he/she will be able to communicate about the wedding catering services in Noida
  • You should also prepare a sheet with necessary contact information and event details.
  • This will help to connect with other staff members in case of an emergency.
  • Keep a copy of this sheet with you, your contact person and other staff members handling the event.

Meet the Entire Team of Best Wedding Caterers in Noida

When there is more than one event per day that requires to be organized, It is beneficial to meet with the complete team handling all the events.

  • Make an arrangement to meet up with all the team heads handling different event for the day.
  • Catch up with each head to go over crucial management like
    • Transportation of tables and chairs
    • Setting up of the event including decoration and food table
    • Also dealing with miscellaneous personal requirements.
  • Start the process of event catering from scratch, beginning with where the guest parking is to their departure.
  • It should also include details over who will greet the guests and where they will go from parking.
  • Lastly, keep a look out for any mistakes or loopholes and get them fixed before the event starts.

Open Communication with the Team of Best Wedding Caterers in Noida

When there are multiple events being held in one day, the key to managing all success is communication. Keep these lines open with your entire event handling team heads.

  • As told before, keep a sheet of contact information ready in hand for any emergency.
  • It should be inclusive of event details like type of event, timings, the event handler and his/her contact information.
  • Moreover, it is better for everyone concerned and the wedding caterer company to have a copy of this sheet and also a picture in mobile for backup.
  • This way you will waste less time looking for contact information in case of an emergency.

To manage an event successfully, whether one in a day or more, a strong management system is important which Feastly offers. All the extra efforts put in by you and your wedding caterers will be fruitful once you pull off the event successfully.