Outdoor catering is one of the most popular catering services relating to parties, business meetings, and informal events. Catering for such events can be taxing for the host alone. Thus, the inclusion of a well-known catering company can do wonders for stress. The indoor and outdoor event, although mildly different, often require the same amount of resources if the event is small. However, outdoor catering events tend to be on a large scale. This means hosts and caterers have to double up the efforts to pull off a successful event. So in order to help you host one of the best outdoor catering services we are listing in the top 5 must follow or try elements of the same.

Outdoor Catering in Delhi

Outdoor Catering in Delhi

Top 5 Elements of Outdoor Catering

Outdoor catering has a different set of requirements depending on the nature of the event and its theme. Even top corporate catering services require complete details on the following five elements for a successful formal meeting.

  • HeadCount Details for Outdoor Caterers

The best part event catering out in field or garden is the ample space to fit a crowd of anywhere between 50 to 200 guests. The space given is enough to host from small official lunches to wedding brunches with no fuss. The thing is for perfect food catering it is imperative to make sure you have head counts. It will help to avoid the embarrassment of food getting over or food catering becoming more expensive than is needed.

Moreover, the outdoor catering services will be able to provide enough number of cutlery and serving plates for the event. With headcount details in hand, they will have a clear indication as to how many plates and glasses have to be set.

  • Comprehensive issues like Electricity with Outdoor Event Catering

It is obvious that a power source will be in need to keep all the food and beverages warm and cold as needed. This will be an add-on cost that you need to consider before working on any other detail of the event. This source of electricity will be in use to light any and all tents, heaters, and fans etc. Lastly, the host needs to consider this option while choosing the venue as well. There are many venues which might not have electricity port or not enough to handle all the requirements.

  • Be Ready For Weather Change

Another thing to worry about outdoor events is the unpredictable climatic changes. Although we do have some basic expectation of how the weather will be, you never know when the climate changes. Thus it is better to have an alternative plan in such a case.

  • Choose a venue which will be able to host your guests in the shelter in case of unexpected rain.
  • Also, ensure your chosen event caterers are ready with a tent where people and food as well can be stored.
  • Different Kinds of Permits Outdoor Event Catering Requires

Before booking space for the event, make sure you are ready with different kinds of permits. Some places require special permits for music and alcohol as well. It will be beneficial to oversee this personally as then there is less chance of error. At the very least, ensure you check all the permits needed for hosting the event are present. Keep a copy of these permits ready at hand in case an official person asks to see. It will help to avoid an embarrassing situation.

  • Visit before the Event

In order to avoid any goof up at the last moment, visit the venue well in advance. Any kind of mistake with setting up at the venue can be avoided by knowing the layout of the ground. It will help you to know what kind of surface and ground is there that wait staff of the corporate catering services has to tackle.

These 5 aspects of outdoor catering will help you to plan your event with much more knowledge and save money as well. Let’s move to the next topic of interest – Catering Menu Style.

  • 4 Perfect Outdoor Catering Menu Ideas

There are numerous options to choose from when selecting delicacies for your menu. Whether you are hosting a formal event or an informal one, food is the main part of all. You need to consider the taste, preferences, and diets of your entire guest list. Components and ingredients thus also play an important part. The menu should also be designed for keeping certain factors in mind. We are listing the top 4 factors that you should be aware of when planning the menu for your outdoor event.

  • Connect With Event Caterers for In-Season Dishes

When selecting dishes to cater for the event, keep in mind what is in trend and taste best in the current season. Such as Mangoes in summer season means you can have tasty mango based delicacies for summer events. Moreover, being in season also translates that the components of the dish are fresh and ripe for enjoying

  • Options are Imperative

Options are important as with an extensive list of guests having everyone’s favorite is not possible. So in order to give your guests something they would like, have two or three options under every category of dishes. This will also help them to be in tandem with their dietary restrictions and also avoid allergies.

  • Try to Do Without Messy Food Options in Wedding Catering Menu

Big informal events like wedding also gain a lot of focus due to their food menu. In such kind of events, no one wants to land up with messy food items like sauce that can leave behind a stain. So in order to avoid making a disaster try and go for less messy options and stick thicker curry options.

  • Taste Testing

It is another important factor regarding the food menu. You want the event to be successful for which tasty food is imperative. Thus it is better to taste a sample of all the dishes you are going to serve your guests. This will make the experience more enjoyable for you as a host and for the guests as well.

These two factors make an important base for prominent and successful outdoor catering. Stay tuned to this blog for more in-depth parts of catering an outdoor event.