One of the most important and loved festivals in India is Holi. Holi is a festival that brings along a positive vibe of excitement and fun.  For some, it brings the color-smearing, water guns and a reason to share love and cheer. While for some, it is a festival that they dread for the wild play of colors, yet for most others, it is a party and celebrations they keenly look forward to. So folks, get the best outdoor catering service by Feastly Catering and leave the rest to them!

We will let you know what the outdoor catering service will look after at your Holi party:

  • Food

No Indian festival is complete without a specific food menu. In the same way, Holi is also a festival that includes certain food items that are highly specific on the occasion. So, Holi party becomes more fun when you serve your guests with those lip-smacking delicacies. Nowadays, people are too busy in their work schedule, so they prefer availing Holi catering services to make these food items.

The Holi special food menu includes “Gujiya”, “thandai”, potato chips and lots of other traditional snacks. It isn’t justified if we go without mentioning the customary ‘Bhaang’. You can also add some other interesting cocktails, mocktails, and juices to quench the thirst of your party guests. When drenched in water and color, nothing feels more satisfying than a plate of chaat or pao bhaji.  Therefore, with a variety of menus to choose from, you can customize a mix-match that your guests will enjoy all day.  Get the impeccable outdoor event catering and give them a chance to tickle your taste buds this Holi!

  • Colors

The festival is all about colors, so you need to plan the colors you are going to play with. There are a lot of catering services that provide natural colors to play Holi. These colors do not have any side effects on your skin and are perfectly safe. Some also include pure natural spring colors. Ask them not to get hard chemicals, as organic colors add real exuberant to the celebration.

  • Alternatives to colors: Holi with flowers

The Ambani family sets the trend of playing Holi with flowers. The family hosted Holi with the flower as one of the functions at the wedding which was witnessed by a lot of celebrities. Similarly, you can go for the event catering service which can provide you a theme around Holi for your party. There are few who can offer unique services like celebrating Holi with the use of marigold flowers.

  • Decorations

Whether it’s a poolside party or backyard, just let the event catering staff know about your plan. If you have some Holi theme explain to them about it or ask them for more suggestions as they always have the trending suggestions. Having your party area well decorated in coordination with the theme gives a perfect ambiance for Holi celebrations. Above all, you get some of the best pictures clicked at such parties.

  • Holi games

Let the event catering staff know the games you plan for your Holi party. This saves them from last minute preparations. You can play fun games like musical chair, balloon filling which is fun for kids and adults both. Rain dance is a must for Holi celebration. This keeps all the guests entertained throughout the party.

Outdoor Catering in Delhi

Outdoor Catering

What else you can do at your Holi bash other than hiring outdoor event catering?

  • Design some colorful invites to send it to your friends and relatives. Give it some essence of Holi. You can send them an e-invite too. You can mention a dress code too. People wear white color cotton clothes for this celebration because the colors look more vibrant on the white Canvas.
  • Gone are the days when you use to take out the shabbiest clothes for this festival. You can get ready to look your best for the Holi party. Nowadays, it’s all about being stylish even when you are playing Holi.
  • Make a play-list because Holi-special music is a must. However, the outdoor catering company has it all for you. They arrange a DJ and ask him to play authentic Holi special songs. But still if you a list of your favorite numbers then play them.
  • When it comes to music it doesn’t matter if the songs are old or new. But no one will be able to resist dancing on the Dhol beats.
  • You can ask the Dj to install karaoke tracks because elders in the family remember the tracks of their times. We must think about them as well.
  • You can ask the event catering staff to get some Holi-props like colorful wigs so that you and your guests can get clicked.

Corporate catering for Holi

There are a lot of businesses that organize a Holi party for their office employees. They hire an outdoor corporate catering company to take care of the event. You must be thinking of how workplace go hand in hand with work and frolic? The outdoor catering services take care of everything else just other than your work like:

  • Organizing Holi-special lunch with some sweets
  • Planning a Holi photo shoot
  • Decorating the area if needed with some organic colors
  • Setting up music to dance and have fun.

In the end, choose the top outdoor catering services to get everything you need to brighten up your Holi celebrations. They understand how a blend of healthy and amazingly tasty food can make your event memorable for you and your loved ones. Plan your Holi party without the fuss of worrying about people getting hungry! All their party needs and you’re “worry not” moments will be taken care of!