Catering services in Noida specifically aim at providing scrumptious food and delectable drinks for any and all special events. These special events can range from outdoor parties to corporate events like business meetings and seminars. The problem is that there are many options to choose from for catering to these events.

With so many events happening all over the city, event catering in Noida is flourishing. With events like wedding, seminars and official meetings happening on a daily basis, catering has become important at all levels.  Top notch catering companies understand the importance of providing impeccable services to their clients. They also offer special and specific kind of services to meet a different set of requirements that the clients have. We are listing some of the indoor and outdoor catering that you can look for your special event.

Catering Services in Noida

Catering Services in Noida

Indoor and Outdoor Event Catering in Noida

Catering companies in Noida provide an ample number of options to provide food and beverage services. Following are some of the common ones in detail.

Wedding Catering Services in Noida

Wedding and subsequent reception parties require impeccable food and drinks set up. They should be able to cater to all the needs and requirements of guests. As the name suggests, this type of catering service ensures your big day goes over smoothly. They will ensure all the guest leave with complete satisfaction due to delicious delicacies and an array of drinks.

Corporate Catering Services in Noida

Official events like meetings, seminar, training sessions, and annual office celebration, all require top-notch food and drinks spread. These events are somewhere responsible for the reputation of the business. Moreover, all the guests attending the official business events, judge its credibility through the service they will receive. Thus, it is important to hire only the best for your next business event.

Catering Services in Noida for Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties generally occur from late afternoon till early evening. Hence, in such kind of events, the menu should basically include tasty finger food and a myriad range of drinks. Herein, the caterer should offer food that is easy to eat while mingling with other guests.

Box Catering

One of the most convenient forms of catering, it is also known as ‘Bento Catering’. Caterers in Noida present it in a box consisting of a starter, main course, and dessert. This type of option is generally asked for lunch catering for office employees’ lunch.

Buffet Style Catering in Noida

One of the most opted types of catering service, this style of food spread is famous in official parties, lunch events, and seminars. Buffet catering lays a spread of dishes on one table and guest can take whatever dishes they wish. Moreover, the guests have the freedom to move around and connect with other people.

Sit-down Catering with Wait Staff

In complete opposition to the buffet style of catering, sit down dinner or events are more on elegance side. The more sophisticated event is more likely you will go for a sit-down catering option. Herein, the guests stay at their place and tables, while a staff of waiter brings out food and drinks. Another difference with the buffet is that it is much more expensive but better suited for seminars and training sessions.

Take Away Buffet Catering

Another form buffet catering style the best catering in Noida offer is take away from. This basically includes bringing food to the place you are which could be your home or an office building. Another point to notice is that it is packed in disposable containers along with disposable cutlery.

There are many more styles of catering services in Noida that one can choose from. However, some of the common ones are listed above. These services ensure all the food and drinks requirement of the event whether official like business events or informal like weddings go smoothly over.